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We're a Family Business with a servant's heart

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Executive Chef Phillip Tan learned the art of flavor and food design when he was 18 and brings with him the tradition of his ancestors. Chef Phillip Tan completed his formal culinary training in China. He has eight years of experience at the 5 star Nanhai hotel in Shenzhen, China. His dream, to establish his own restaurant and become a pioneering force in the promotion of Authentic Chinese cuisine, is being put to the test. Phillip and his wife, Joyce, have been planning and saving for the last ten years while gaining additional experience in preparing various Chinese cuisine in the local Tucson community.


Asian Spice Resturant puts a unique twist on Chinese cuisine. With infusion of the fresh and savory, you're sure to find a dish that you'll love. We start with only the freshest ingredients to stir fry delicious melodies of tastes and colors that delight the senses. With no MSG, less oil, and the option of brown rice with your meals, we hope to serve distinctive style of Chinese cuisine, with traditional and new techniques combined.


Asian Spice Restaurant's  motto is to serve you the freshest and most delicious food. We have a unique taste that must be experienced; you'll return again and again and find our kitchen as an extension of your kitchen, to share the love and memory with your friends and families!

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